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Shelter/Bus Media in Kunming City


Shelter media in the hand of Longfan cover 6 major administrative districts in Kunming City.
Point locations of the media cover 26 major business areas in the whole city, including thriving commercial centers, financial centers, large residential buildings, schools and shopping malls.
Covering about 236 road sections in the whole city, and able to realize media coverage of all the main road sections in central urban area and development area, e.g.: Beijign Road, Renmin Road, Dongfeng Road, Qingnian Road, Xuefu Road, Rixin Road, South Ring Road, Dianchi Road, etc. Advantageously covered road sections: Longquan Road, Rixin Road and Jinbi Road. Exclusively covered road section: Jinbi Road.


Kunming has two bus lines (A1 and A2), equipped with 10 buses, covering 15 major business areas in the whole city.
Bus Line A1 passes through golden shopping business areas in the downtown of Kunming City such as Desheng Bridge on Jinbi Road, a golden road section, also passes through Saigon Wharf integrating high-grade residential and commercial buildings, Dianchi College of Yunnan University as well as Expo Park and National Village (the two famous tourist attractions are connected with end to end).

Starting from Expo Park, Bus Line A1 covers the main roads in Beishi District, downtown district and Shinan District, sightseeing, shopping and catering areas, business office areas, mature communities and schools, with large traffic flow.
Bus Line A2 covers O-PAKR, International Convention Centre, Small Garden of Qingnian Road and Golden Eagle Shopping Center toCuihu Yuantongshan Catering & Entertainment Center, with large traffic flow. There are railway stations and others along the line. It gathers a large number of mature communities such as Yinyuan Community, Yinhai Forest, Yinyuan Garden and Jiahu Garden, with high population density.
Starting from Qianxin Road Bus Hub, Bus Line A2 covers the downtown, main roads in Nanshi District, sightseeing, shopping and catering areas, and mature communities.