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Hefei Waiting Pavilion Media


Covering 29 major business circles。
50% of the resources cover the old urban areas in the Second Ring Road of Hefei。
It covers the main busy commercial areas, business centers, IT business circles, leisure and entertainment places, large residential areas, etc. It can effectively cover the entrance and exit areas of Hefei Metro stations。
There are 150 sections of roads in Gaiquan City. The locations are distributed in the main and branch roads within the second ring road of Hefei City, including the main road of Ring Road traffic, Huangshan Road, Wuhu Road, Shouchun Road, Jinzhai Road, Huizhou Avenue and so on. They cover Huangshan Road, Tongling Road, Fuyang Road, Silihe Road and North Second Ring Road exclusively. The bustling commercial circle of Hefei City takes Huangshan Road as the center for radiation development。