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Shelter Media in Changchun City


Longfan is the only media supplier operating all the main road sections in Changchun City, covering 95% of the urban population;
占Longfan occupies 8 major "golden business areas" in Changchun City, with the advantageous ratio concentrated on the core functional area with the strongest consumption ability in Changchun City.
Advantageously covering 32 road sections in the whole city, accounting for 50% of Hongqi Street and Ziyou Avenue media resources, exclusively operating Changxin Street, Liaoning Road, Jianshe Street, Gongnong Avenue, Tongzhi Street, Beijing Street, Dajing Road, Dongling Street, East and West Minzhu Street, Taibei Street, Min'an Road, Changchun Street, Yangliu Street, Shengshi Street, South Ring Road, etc.