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Shelter Media in Shenyang City


Shelter media in the hand of Lognfan cover 6 major districts in Shenyang City strongly and evenly: Heping, Shenhe, Huanggu, Tiexi, Dadong and Hunnan.
Covering 13 major golden business areas, exclusively covering New Municipal Government Business Area, College Town Business Area, and Shenyang North Station Hub Square.
The media are at a high overall point level, and have excellent appearance.
Covering 141 road sections in the whole city, including 85% of the road sections within Second Ring Road, emphatically the road sections such as Qingnian Street, Sanhao Street, Shifu Avenue and Shengli Street. Exclusively covering Shenxin Road, Shenliao Road, Shihui Fourth Street, Quanyun Fifth Road, Shenzhong Street, and Shenben Street. 85% of the media are distributed on the main roads within Second Ring Road.