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Shelter Media in Qingdao City


The total amount of shelter media in the hand of Longfan ranks first among Qingdao shelter media resources.
Longfan is the only legitimate shelter media supplier in Qingdao City.
Covering 5 major administrative districts (Shinan District, Shibei District, Licang District, Laoshan District and Chengyang District) in the whole city. Covering 14 major business areas in the whole city. Exclusively covering the following business areas: Hong Kong Middle Road Business Area, Vientiane City Business Area, Technology Street Business Area and Eastern High-End Living Quarter.
Covering 165 road sections, exclusively operating Hong Kong Road, Donghai Road, Shandong Road, Nanjing Road, Fuzhou Road, Ningxia Road, Yan'an Third Road, Haier Road, Liaoning Road, Weihai Road, Taidong First Road, Macao Road, Jiushui East Road, Shiyuan Avenue and other main roads, including all the main roads in the downtown of Qingdao City.