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Shelter Media in Wuhan City


Shelter media in the hand of Longfan cover three towns (Hankou, Hanyang and Wuchang) and seven major administrative districts in Wuhan City.
Point locations of the media cover 18 major business areas in the whole city, including thriving commercial centers, financial centers, large residential buildings, schools and shopping malls. Exclusively covering 7 major business areas.
Covering about 193 road sections in the whole city, concentrated on the main roads within Second Ring Road. Exclusively covering all the road sections along Changjiang Avenue in the downtown of Wuhan City except for Changqing Road, including Qingnian Road, Wusheng Road, Wuluo Road, Luoyu Road, Luoyu East Road; also exclusively covering Jiefang Avenue, Zhongnan Road, Xinhua Road, Lumo Road, Minzu Avenue and other important main roads in Wuhan City.

Wuhan Metro Line 1/3/8 Media

Line 1is 38 km long in total, has 32 stations, takes 72 minutes one way;

Line 3is 30 km long in total, has 24 stations, takes 56 minutes one way;

Line 8is 16.5 km long in total, has 12 stations, takes 29 minutes one way