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Shelter Media in Shenzhen City


Shelter media in the hand of Longfan cover 3 major administrative districts in the downtown of Shenzhen City: Futian District, Luohu District and Nanshan District. Among them, Shelter media in Nanshan District account for over 90%, with absolute superiority.
Point locations of the media cover 39 major business areas in the whole city, including thriving commercial centers, financial centers, IT science parks, customs harbors, large residential buildings, schools and shopping malls.
Covering over 171 road sections in the downtown of Shenzhen City, including all the road sections with huge traffic flow, e.g.: Shennan Avenue, North Ring Avenue and Binhe Avenue (three core main roads) as well as Renmin Road, Bao'an Road, Jianshe Road, Jiabin Road, Nanshan Avenue, Nanhai Avenue, Houhai Avenue, Taoyuan Road, Keyuan Road, etc. Exclusively covering Nanshan Avenue, Houhai Avenue, Houhaibin Road, Nanxin Road, Keyuan Road, etc.