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Longfan Media is a leading national outdoor media network operator in China

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With focus on the outdoor media market for more than 25years, based on the operation of nationwide shelter media, Longfan Media has optimized bus, metro and other media forms, had more than 30,000 PCs unit media resources in total, and served hundreds of industries and thousands of brands. At present, Longfan Media has grown into one of the most powerful outdoor media propagation groups in China. Longfan Media provides media solutions and services around the ultimate goal of effective propagation, and simultaneously leads the new trend of industry business model through multi-form and wide-coverage superior media resources characterized by networking, digitalization and interaction.

Longfan Media also keeps the leading position in the field of outdoor media innovation, boldly researches and develops interactive shelter technologies, and has obtained the patents in the industry. Longfan Media has applied rich and diverse innovative technologies, including interaction with media/information interaction, change in visual effects of media, three-dimensional exhibition, dynamic presentation of media, and innovative compound effect of integration of the above technologies.

In the future, Longfan Media will also develop traditional outdoor street light box media all over the country on the basis of network, simultaneously make full use of all kinds of advanced technology means, continue to carry forward the innovative propagation forms of traditional outdoor media, and do its best to promote the integrative development of traditional media and new media.